capturing beauty and enveloping storytelling


Adrian and Cyron met at a conference in 2011 and decided to take it upon themselves to film the weekend. Staying up all night editing the footage, the two began to paint a canvas of the event they were attending, and as the sun rose through the windows to signal morning had arrived; they found themselves the least bit tired, but rather incredibly excited with what they had created. The way the children's faces lit up as they saw themselves on screen, their parents beaming up with such pride, the feeling was unparalleled.

At that moment they knew they had something special.



Every subsequent client has been a privilege for the team to work on because each gig is an invitation into each customer’s life. Being trusted to capture treasured moments is an honour we always value.


Captured Frames is a Sydney based wedding and event photography and videography company whose driving mission is to capture moments most precious to their clients allowing them to relive the “frameable” moments in their life.

Our Team


Cyron, a lifestyle photographer obsessed with the beauty of the world, constantly attempting to steal each moment and manipulate it to shed its best light.

"Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography."


Adrian, an eccentric videographer, gripped with storytelling found a new medium to portray everyday life, drawn to the intangibles in each moment that can be relived over. 

"Our memories often deceive us, sometimes somebody will say something really touching and we can't quite repeat it with the same sentiment, I love that video captures that."


William an explorative photographer griped with the formation of external light and digital adaption always tries to manipulate and see past simple photography and hone on advanced techniques at the cutting edge of the industry experimentation.

"I love the fact that in twenty or fifty years down the track, our photos will still be cherished and timeless in the eyes of the couple that got married."


Arabella is a master editor, devouring days of footage and turning them into little pockets of joy.

"My favourite weddings are the ones where the groom cries. Well, any crying really.”


Leandra is a video all rounder, a master at various videography techniques and editing nuances. Her design eye brings another perspective to every event and her work is unquestionably invaluable to every video.

"I love making even just that small difference in people's lives"