Justin & Annick | Wedding

“Many a time I’ve been told I was too choosy, not giving people a go; Stupidly pursuing my dream of what I termed, “the impossible unicorn.” someone who is intelligent, funny, godly and incredibly, ridiculously good looking. But from the moment I saw you I was entranced. By our conversation, your beauty and I knew, I found one - and I've been captivated ever since. After our first date I knew you were special, within two weeks I knew I had to marry you. Thank you for being my best friend, my partner in crime during our whirlwind romance but most of all, for granting me the privilege of calling you my wife.”

I met Justin and Annick on the day that the two of them got engaged at the beautiful viewpoint of Bradley's Head overlooking our gorgeous Sydney Harbour. Justin had set up a beautiful picnic area to propose to Annick and just as he had popped the question and a loud round of applause came by - I had no idea what had just happened to I asked some random group of people who were present on the day.  This was only the second time in my life I had been present at a proposal so I felt compelled to come say congratulations. I took photos for them simply because I wanted them to have photos to remember that special moment they shared together. I still remember vividly how joyful the two of them were. The way that they looked at each other, I  knew I also wanted to be at their wedding day. 

When you have to beautiful families come together, it makes for a beautiful wedding. And I start with describing their wedding day with because I could just feel a strong sense of love and support of Justin and Annick being together by both families. As I looked around the chapel, there was a crowd of smiles as the two tied the knot and as they walked down the aisle together I saw that joy again that was so genuine. As well as that, the speeches were also a reflection of how appreciative Justin and Annick were of their own families as well as their new families they were marrying into. 

Thank you Justin and Annick for sharing your beautiful moments on your wedding day with William and I. It was definitely a blessing to be there for you both.

God bless,
Cyron, Captured Frames