Jane & Marz | Wedding

Just like it's "good luck" for it to rain on your wedding day, can we make it a thing that it's good luck to have a broken bone on your wedding day? Two weddings in a row we've had our bride/groom with a broken bone - but lets be honest, Marz danced danced like no tomorrow with his boots strapping up his broken shinbone. It was almost as if there was nothing wrong with it at all...

It also did rain on our parade (lucky x 2) but nothing beats a great bridal team ready to have a little fun and embrace the weather.  Personally I was really moved when tears were streaming from everyone's eyes as every speech shared little story of how Jane & Marz had impacted on their lives - and how too often their actions were self-sacrificial and out of love of others.

Thank you Marz and Jane for having us on your wedding day! 
Love from the team at Captured Frames