Kieran & Clare | Wedding

"It's not every day you gather all your people in the same place and at the same time, and marry your best friend." 
It's been nine months since I quit my full time job to solely focus on my craft as a wedding photographer. I've always wanted to leave a mark and make a difference in this world so at the beginning of the year I quit my full time job and decided that this was where I was called to be. I've heard a whole bunch of speeches over the past three years since starting Captured Frames but one specific sharing really moved me recently where the groom spoke about how seeing his wife walk down the aisle was the best experience in his life up until that moment. I'm sure there's many other moments throughout a wedding day that a bride and groom can claim was the most amazing experience of their life but this is why I love being in this industry; I get to share and freeze in time those raw moments that seem to go by so fast in such a profuse day of celebration. 

Every part of the day holds a different emotion that I love seeing captured in a photograph.  Every feeling and reaction you could possibly think of crammed into fourteen hours of celebrating with those you hold closest to your heart. Memories are fleeting but I love how photographs are able to revisit those cherished moments. If you scroll down you'll find a photo of Clare's grandma looking at a photo from her own wedding day - her eyes were fixated on it like she was in a time machine. It was a touching moment not just for me but for Clare as well as she saw her adoring it. Weddings are a beautiful celebration of not just two people but also two families coming together and it really was something special to see everything all planned come together so nicely. Alongside Kieran and Clare were some of their closest friends who have been with them through thick and thin  (ps, you guys were awesome!). Thank you Kieran, Clare and the family for having us on your wedding day - we'll be praying for you two as you grow into your new stage of married life.

Cyron and the Captured Frames team